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Greenwater is not intended for use in freshwater aquariums. Greenwater is a phytoplankton, therefore it is not intended for use in freshwater aquariums because it could bloom and cause discoloration to your aquarium water based on your nutrient levels and quality of lighting.  Greenwater is intended as a feed for separate daphnia or moina systems.  It is also a beneficial phytoplankton algae to inoculate outdoor ponds, lakes and waterways with, in order to provide bioremediation to the water chemistry of the body of water, as well as a continuous food source for the lowest levels of the food chain.


Greenwater makes an excellent live food for daphnia, moina and other cultures without fouling the water as prepared foods do. Greenwater is highly nutritious to the organisms that consume them and provides a balanced diet enhances animals vitality and works its way up the food chain.


Greenwater is an excellent benefitial algae for ponds, lakes and waterways.  It contains freshwater phytoplankton that will absorb excess nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phospates.  The algae will consume CO2 in your water and provice oxegen as a byproduct.  In fact, phytoplanktons are some of the most efficient and largest utilizers of carbon dioxide on the planet. Therefore, greenwater improves the water quality and oxygen levels of your pond, lake or reservoir.  Greenwater will also reproduce through bioremediation and therefore provide a food source for you microorganisms, daphnia, moina, copepods and other organisms that feed off phytoplankton.  This helps create a wonder food web through your aquatic ecosystem.  


All of Hydralife's greenwater is cared for through closed systems in monospecie specific environments. Hydralife provides the highest quality of care, nutrients, minerals and lighting to our phytoplankton in order to ensure our phytos are treated properly and our customers receive the best product available.

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    Hydralife works hard to deliver your product in 48 hours of shipment and therefore the Hydralife Institute ships Monday through Thursdays in order to meet a self set 48 hour deadline to the best of our abilities.  Hydralife only distributes within the domestic 48 states of the United States of America.

    Upon receiving your product you can immediately begin to acclimate the product to your aquatic system.  Once acclimanted to temperature, add the product directly into your body of water.  the further you can do this from the shoreline, the better they chances of your phyto not washing ashore.  If you are unable to use the entire product of greenwater, Hydralife recommends keeping the product in a separate container with decent airation through an air diffuser and preferably a strong light source.  This will keep the phyto moving, healthy lessen the chances of it settling.   



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