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Hydralife Institute

Great live feeds and natural aquatic enhancements for your aquariums, ponds, lakes and waterways.

Hydralife Institute's mission is to bring wellness to your aquatic ecosystems through the natural parts of the biome that are often overlooked in freshwater aquariums, ponds, lakes and waterways.  Hydralife grows both beneficial phytoplankton (greenwater) and microcrustations that provide bioremediation to your water chemistry and sustainable food sources that complete the entire food chain.  Hydralife helps prevent the growth of nuisance algae in any body of water while promoting a balanced and fertile ecosystem.  

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Live Feeds For
Freshwater Aquariums

Live Feeds For
Outdoor Ponds

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Live Feeds For
Fish Breeding

Live Feeds For
Parks & Recreation

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You can find us on


1008 South Jason Street

Denver, Colorado 80223


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