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Hydralife Institute is a private commercial aquaculture operation dedicated to promoting water vitality and the wellness of aquatic ecosystems.  Our mission is to develop and supply microscopic freshwater organisms that make significant individual and collective contributions to all varieties of aquatic ecosystems.  Our products contribute to the success freshwater aquariums, fish rearing programs, outdoor garden ponds, golf ponds, lakes, reservoirs and all other waterways through bioremediation and as feeds.  

Hydralife has the capability to meet the needs of the some of the largest freshwater bodies of water all the way to the smallest personal home aquarium.  We can develop custom aquaculture grows for clients with specific needs and provide expedited timespans for administration.  Hydralife can help municipalities, states, conservation efforts, cleanup efforts and federal lands achieve healthier bodies of water enriched with aquatic life.

Hydralife Institute loves healthy and flourishing waters.  We also love algae and aquatic life.  Our commitment is to support  and provide solutions to all of our customers and clients needs of any size.  Most importantly, Hydralife Institute appreciates your support and wishes you and your waters well.

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You can find us on


1008 South Jason Street

Denver, Colorado 80223


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