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Daphnia magna, commonly known as "the water flea" is a highly nutritious live feed for freshwater aquariums, outdoor ponds, lakes or fish breeding. Adult daphnia range between the size of 2mm to 5mm. Daphnia entice feeding frenzies and are packed with proteins and other nutrients to help fish develop or improve health. They consume water borne algae, such as phytoplankton, and therefore can contribute to clearer waters while providing a sustainable food source to your fish as they reproduce.


Hydralife only grows our daphnia from the highest quality live foods to ensure the daphnia provide the greatest level of nutrition to your fish. Our indoor facility provides the best of care for our products and ensures they are pathogen free, respected and in good health.

Daphnia are a great addition to outdoor ponds, lakes and waterways as they will feed off of water borne phytoplankton and therefore keep your water clearer of algae. Daphnia also eat insect larva and consume detritus. They reproduce easily which provides your ecosystem with a healthy and sustainable food source for your fish and koi. 


Daphnia have a variety of life stages that provide fish breeders with all sizes and ages of daphnia to raise their fish fry and fish fingerlings. Daphnia are high in protein, minerals and entice natural fish hunts through their swimming patterns. Hydralife jars contain plenty of daphnia to start cultures for those who are seeking to do so.


Overall, daphnia are an exciting live feed to add to your freshwater aquarium to add nutrition and fun to your fishs' feed.  They are also a great addition for many reasons to enhance your ponds, lakes and waterways biodiversity, sustainable food sources, promote algae mitigation and improve the ecosystem.  

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    Hydralife works hard to deliver your product in 48 hours of shipment and therefore the Hydralife Institute ships Monday through Thursdays in order to meet a self set 48 hour deadline to the best of our abilities.  Hydralife only distributes within the domestic 48 states of the United States of America.  

    Upon receiving your product you can immediately begin to acclimate the product to your aquatic system.  Once acclimanted to temperature, add the product directly in.  You can sieve the product through a net if you do not want to add the water from bottle.  If you are unable to use the entire product Hydralife recommends keeping the product in a separate container with good water and a slow rolling air bubbler without a diffuser so the air bubbles are large.  This helps ensure the safety of you daphnia and moina.  

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